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Trade vehicle check

Don’t need to spend much for checking used cars. Avail trade vehicle check reports from us with the best range of affordable packages exclusively for auto traders.

Car check

Quick and free to use

Get vehicle check reports in just a few clicks.

Vehicle check

Check any UK cars

Get instant reports on any UK cars.

Stolen car check

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Just enter the registration number and avail reports online.

Why do you need a trade vehicle check?

With the flourished UK used car market, trading used cars would be a great business. As a trader, you have to carry out the checking process effectively since lots of buying and selling activities involve in trading. You need to carry out an extensive checking to make sure everything alright about a car before you buy them.

But every car doesn’t come with a complete history and stolen cars too won’t have proper history. Getting vehicle check reports can solve them as they hand over you comprehensive information over pre-owned cars. Getting them for so many cars would also require several hundred pounds to be spent on them.

For this very purpose, we at Compare Market Insurance understand your needs and bring a solution for this to make the task easier for you. We provide trade vehicle check for auto traders and checking used cars will be no more a hectic task and you don’t need to shell out extra pounds.

What do we provide in our vehicle check report?

Our vehicle check reports cover three major areas to make sure you don’t miss anything. Our reports have three major categories basic checks, important checks and critical checks. Together they will help you make a decision over the purchase of used cars. These are all just a glimpse of our report and find more about used cars with them. We offer affordable packages on trade vehicle check, particularly for auto traders. To get instant reports for used cars all over the UK, checkout here.

Categories of our vehicle check report

Basic checks

Check MOT Status – Find pass/fail status, Expiry of MOT, Advisory notes, V5C count and much more.

Mileage – Exact mileage recorded during MOT tests.

Important checks

Previous owner history – Know about ownership transfers and anything above is considered as less value.

Car valuation – Get a valuation of cars in every aspect such as auction value, trade value, etc.

Car reg check

Critical checks

Outstanding Finance – Find the date, term, finance company, agreement number for cars bought under finance agreements.

Stolen vehicles – Cars registered as stolen in Police National Computer will be classified as stolen vehicles.

Write off – Vehicles declared as a total loss will be written off under any of the following categories A, B, S & N by insurance companies.

Mileage anomaly – Mileage discrepancies can be found if odometer gets clocked.