What Happens if You Don’t Have Vehicle Breakdown Cover?

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Breaking down on the roadside is very stressful and it worsens when you have not purchased a vehicle breakdown cover. Despite such a bad decision, you can still get help though.

When in need of such emergency breakdown cover, calling your insurance company is worth a shot! Because some insurance policies offer breakdown cover in their main package, in other words, it is your lucky day.

Moreover, in such unfortunate events, calling your bank is also an option. Yes, the chances are low, but some banks offer instant breakdown cover when you open an account. So, these were some quick solutions, but if these did not work, we have still got some other options for you. Let us get on with them.

Vehicle Breakdown Solution 1: Local Garage

When stuck on the roadside, an excellent option is calling a local garage for help. This service might cost you £40 for the call-out alone; however, the price is very dependable on the time of year, your whereabouts, and the miles covered to reach you. Apart from that, the local garages charge a small fee per towed mile.

Vehicle Breakdown Solution 2: Try Motorway Emergency Telephones

Such unfortunate events can occur on the motorways, so. In that case, the right option is to walk to an emergency telephone located on the side of the carriageway. These emergency telephones do not charge and can connect you directly to the motorway agency or the police.

If you have a cell phone, you can call 0300 123 5000 to provide you help. For this unplanned service, there are no charges set, but £100 is a general price for it.

Vehicle Breakdown Solution 3: Get a Car Breakdown Cover UK on the Spot

Another option is to join up a vehicle breakdown cover provider on the spot. Once again, it will be expensive, something up to £100 extra on top of the cover. However, this insurance will treat you as it would if you have initially purchased it. Also, you will be covered for a year too. They will either repair your car on the roadside or transport it to a local garage in this cover.

To get a breakdown cover on spot, you can call free on the below numbers.

Green Flag: 0800 400 600

RAC: 0330 159 8743

AA: 0800 400 600


Some insurance companies provide breakdown coverage in their main package, but the best breakdown cover is the one that is purchased separately. In both cases, the cost might be the same but the separate one will treat you better. Also, it is better to get a vehicle breakdown cover in the first place rather than stressing on the roadside and paying extra for instant services.

In any case, your and your passenger’s safety is of utmost importance so, it is recommended to pay a little extra to instant service providers and get help as soon as possible. If there are any other queries regarding the vehicle breakdown cover, let us know in the comment section that we will help you with it.

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Vehicle breakdown cover is crucial, when you are stuck at the roadside.
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Vehicle breakdown cover is crucial, when you are stuck at the roadside.
Breakdowns can be very annoying when you are lacking vehicle breakdown cover. However, there are still help options when your car has let you down.
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