What Factors Affect Motor Insurance?

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How to get cheap car insurance? You have come to the right place. Most car insurance costs might be the same but understanding what cost factors can be controlled and uncontrollable is extremely important.

Yes, motor insurance shopping might be tempting but understanding what affects the insurance rate will make it easy and help you opt for a more informed decision.

Moreover, it is also important to understand if car insurance is your need or not. It is high time you get a full understanding of it because it might save your hard-earned cash. So, you are stuck with us till the end of it.

Factors Affecting Motor Insurance Cost

All the demographic factors that include gender, age, geographical location, marital status, and driving history affect insurance costs in different ways:

Marital Status:

As per research, single people tend to have more accidents than married people. So, getting married can reduce your insurance cost by almost half.

Gender and Age:

Young women often incur lower costs than young men because statistically, female teenagers have fewer accidents reported than male teenagers. In contrast, older women incur more insurance costs than older men because they have more accidents reported.

Driving History:

A person with a clean record will get a certain favour from the insurance companies. However, with an accident’s record, companies’ price for motor insurance will increase.


Your residential area is also considered in getting cheap insurance, and a populated neighbourhood with more cars increases the risk of an accident. Therefore, motor insurance cost will also increase.

There are dozens of other factors that affect insurance cost. If interested, you can find them here.

Is Motor Insurance a Need?

Most types of car insurance are optional. However, in England, car insurance is a legal requirement for all registered vehicles except for cars with a SORN. The SORN cars are allowed to move without any insurance because these cannot run on public roads.

Besides the legal requirement, car insurance is somehow one’s need too. You are never sure about the vehicle’s damage; even if you are driving carefully, some other person will damage your vehicle. So, getting your car insurance is an excellent decision.

The Required Details to Compare Quotes

  • Comprehensive list of details of the car that includes registration number, age of the car, etc.
  • Details about how the car is used. Also, mention the miles covered by your car each year.
  • Information about any past car accident or previous insurance claims you received.
  • The number of driving licenses.

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Final Thoughts

Car insurance is a must-have in many countries; however, finding cheap motor insurance quotes is optional. By reading this blog, you might save some of your hard-earned cash.

If the enlisted information does not help, let us know in the comment section. Also, if you have a query related to it, we are always ready to help. Follow our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube platforms for new offers and deals.

Motor Insurance - What Factors Influence Insurance?
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Motor Insurance - What Factors Influence Insurance?
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