What Are Some Most Popular Cars for Young Drivers?

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The new young driver insurance price spike so much that it becomes a burden for new motorists. Mostly, they end up paying more on insurance than the vehicle itself.

The cost of insurance depends on several factors, but your age will always be the main and most affecting one. So, to unburden your shoulders a bit, you must choose one of the cheap car insurances for first-time drivers. We have researched and listed some of the most affordable cars for new drivers as per the insurance cost to help you with it. Also, we have discussed a way to get cheaper car insurance so, without any further ado, let’s start!

How to Get Cheaper Insurance on Cars For Young Drivers?

Young drivers’ insurance might be pricey, but there are ways to get a cheaper alternative. Following are the ways to cut down on the cost of insurance.

  • Increasing insurance excess on your policy. Higher quantity allows you to pay a low premium.
  • Get yourself insured in some other person’s insurance policy.
  • If you are looking for temporary car insurance without even passing the driving test, learner driver insurance will serve as an excellent option.
  • As for a long-term insurance policy, you should choose an annual young drivers’ policy.

Ford Ka+: Cheaper insurance even than the famous Fiesta

The Ford Ka+ is one of those small adjustable cars for young drivers that is cheaper to insure. Undoubtedly, it lacks in size but makes up for practicality.

By lying in the cheapest group to insure (1E), the Ford Ka+ 1.2 TiVCT 70 horsepower studio version has become a symbol of hope for young drivers.

Nissan Micra: Full of safety features

The Japanese automakers’ Mirca specially engineered the car with loads of safety features that make it an eye-catching low insurance car. With the 1.0-litre, 71 horsepower engines, the Nissan Micra gets a place in the 1E insurance group.

The Micra also offers 1.2, 1.5, and 1.6-liter engine sizes however, these will slightly bump-up the insurance cost.

Volkswagen Polo: The insurance saving option

The Polo stands out as one of the most miniature cars for young drivers, offering premium comfort with supreme quality drive. With the model 1.0-litre, 65 horsepower engines, this car deserves a place in the 1E insurance group.

The List of Most Popular Cars for Young Drivers

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The first car purchase is usually a memorable milestone on a journey to adulthood. However, it might become the most horror story of your life if the insurance cost was not considered. The insurance policies cost spikes for cars with no security features. So, always go for a car that offers loads of safety features without compromising its comfort drive.

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Young Drivers Cars Must Be Chosen by Considering Their Insurance Cost
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Young Drivers Cars Must Be Chosen by Considering Their Insurance Cost
Young drivers will always be stuck with costly insurance policies. You will get a special discount on the insurance policy by opting for below-listed cars.
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