Personal Vs Vehicle Breakdown Cover

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The breakdown cover is an absolute need of every driver. Although it won’t seem important at the moment, you will be grateful when it helps you while you stand puzzled at the roadside.

Car breakdown cover comes in two types, personal and vehicle breakdown cover. Both of them are beneficial and have their pros and cons.

To save your hard-earned cash, it’s not just about getting the best vehicle breakdown deals, but also about understanding the right cover to purchase. So, we have gathered all the information and the major differences between them to help you choose the one that suits you best.

What is a vehicle breakdown cover?

Vehicle breakdown cover provides a cover for a specific vehicle independent of who is driving it. It’s a policy for just that car and its driver. So, it means that it will only cover you if you are driving that specific vehicle.

Comparing with the personal breakdown cover, it’s a bit cheaper because the breakdown insurance providers have an idea about the car they are covering.

It could be an ideal choice if you have one car. Also, it would benefit you the most if more than one member of your family is using that specific car, as each of them will be covered under the vehicle policy.


  • Best for one family car
  • Suitable for individuals sharing a car
  • Any driver in a vehicle is covered
  • Cheaper than a personal breakdown cover.


  • Coverage for a single car
  • The passengers are not covered
  • No cover if you are driving another car.

What is a personal breakdown cover?

Personal breakdown cover, UK provides shelter to the person rather than any specific vehicle. So if you have a breakdown at the roadside, you can call for help; regardless of which vehicle you are driving, you will get the best help possible.

Most personal breakdown cover allows you to call for help even if you are a passenger in a car that breaks down.

Sometimes you can get coverage for your named car that breaks down even if you are not driving it, but all breakdown insurance providers do not provide this option.

Also, know that not all vehicles are covered in the personal breakdown cover. If you ask, you will get a restricted vehicles list so, remember to give it a check before getting the cover. 

The personal breakdown cover is most helpful if you drive more than one car or you ride as a passenger in your car.


  • It covers all your vehicles
  • It covers if you are a passenger in your car
  • Cover for your named vehicle even if you are not driving
  • Option to get multi-person policy


  • Expensive than a vehicle breakdown cover
  • No cover for restricted vehicles
  • Cover only if you are in the car.


No matter how unimportant it seems, a breakdown cover is essential to get as it helps you when you won’t have any other option. So, if you have read the guide, it would be easier to choose between the two breakdown covers.

If you have any other queries, let us know in the comment section.

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Personal breakdown cover | The right cover for you
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Personal breakdown cover | The right cover for you
There are two types of cover for the vehicle, Personal breakdown cover and car breakdown cover. In order to choose one, you must understand its benefits.
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