Is Van Insurance Different from Car Insurance?

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If you are a full-time van driver, your van insurance policy might have always come across as it is a legal need for all motorists in the UK. Searching for the best competitive price is too common, you should understand that your van insurance policy differs from a standard car insurance quote.

This article is especially for drivers whose livelihood completely relies upon a van. By exploring van insurance and specifying commercial van’s detailed considerations, we will make sure that you get the best possible deal.

How Car Insurance And Van Insurance Differ?

There are few changes between car and van insurance. When getting a car insurance policy, you are usually asked for the car’s use, if it is for domestic or social use or for pleasure that includes business and commuting. In the case of van insurance, it is always considering for business purposes until and unless you register it solely for personal use.

If your van is used for business purposes, it will fall into one of the following categories.

Following are the three types of business van insurance:

  • For Personal Carriage- It covers your van when used to carry your own goods for business.
  • Carrying goods for a reward- It covers your van when used to carry people’s goods expecting payment in return. (Note: You should remember that the passenger’s carriage will need specialist taxi insurance.)
  • Courier- this insurance policy is similar to the last one however, it covers your can when you transport goods over long distances. For example, import and export.

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Does Business Van Insurance Cover The Van’s Contents?

In a search for finding cheap van insurance quote, it is important to check what your policy covers. The van insurance policies coverage is the same as car insurance; third party, third party fire and theft, and comprehensive.

However, a van is usually used for the transportation of goods. The standard policy will not provide cover to them in the case of theft and accident. Generally, the policy will cover the damage of a van rather than the goods in it. Therefore, it is crucial to check the van’s insurance policy to make sure that the contents are covered.

If your goods are valuable and insuring them is crucial, then you need additional goods-in-transit insurance. you will inform the insurer about the goods you are transporting and ensure them in the case of an unfortunate event.

Also, some insurance policies already cover the contents of your van so, checking your insurance policy is worth your time.


When searching for the best van insurance UK, it is important to check its coverage. Suppose you are not using the van for business purposes. You need to register is for personal use.

If it’s for business use, then you should check whether the policy covers the contents of the van or not. Also, considering the business van categories might come in handy when choosing insurance for your van. If there are further queries regarding van insurance, let us know in the comment section below, we will gladly help you with it.

Van Insurance Might Cost You A Bit More Than Car Insurance
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Van Insurance Might Cost You A Bit More Than Car Insurance
It might seem hard to get cheap van insurance, therefore, people tend to surf the internet for getting it. Comparing quotes might get you the best deal.
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