Is It Worth Buying an Electric Van for Your Business?

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The van owners usually are concerned with diesel prices and insurance quotes. Are the electric vans offering cheap van insurance quotes? Are these vans better than the fuel-sourced ones? Let us find out!

The electric vans are getting better and better and going nowhere soon. With their new models, they dominate the market, but is this domination a short-term trend, or is it a beneficial option for van owners? I am afraid you are stuck with us till the end to get the answers.

What Is the Best Electric Van to Buy?

To move the world to zero greenhouse gas emissions, electric vans have successfully dominated the market. However, in the not-ending list of it, you might get confused; therefore, it is important to know the best one of them.

Currently, the Renault Kangoo ZE is leading the electric vans market for proven capability. It offers a comfortable drive and has claimed a WLTP driving range of 143 miles. The newer generation of this model is on its way.

What is the Cost of Charging an Electric Van?

How are electric vans better than fuel-sourced ones? They have enticed the attention of most of the van owners for their huge difference in prices for charging. Generally, the price for charging electric vans differ depending on geography.

Let me provide you with a way to calculate the charging cost of electric vans.

If you are using the charging point at 12.50 pence per kWh and the lithium-ion battery of your van holds 33kwh of energy, then;33kvh x 0.125 pence = £4.13.

Weekly, the diesel van will charge you £21.89; however, the electric vans will charge you £6.91. A huge difference can be seen.

How Far Can You Travel on One Charge?

Different models offer different mile range. The Renault 33kwh battery offers a 170-mile range. So, one full charge will let you cover 170 miles.

Do You Need Electric Van Insurance?

As one of the top concerns of drivers in the UK, electric van insurance has been the most asked question. As for the fuel-sourced ones, is it also a legal requirement to insure them? Do you need a particular policy? Are these vans more expensive to insure? Well, there is no end to these questions. Let us see the answers to the few most important ones.

Like other cars, it is legal to insure your electric vans if you do not want to be charged on UK roads. If you are caught on the UK roads driving without insurance, you will be handed a £300 fine and six points on your license. Moreover, the police have the right to demolish your vehicle if caught driving without insurance. It is simple, do not even think about it.

The coverage is the same as the other cars. No, special policies are allocated to it. You can get the same old, third party or comprehensive cover for your electric van.

As far as the insurance price is concerned, you might want to worry a bit about it. The electric van insurance is typically a bit expensive than the fuel-sourced ones. There is not a large gap as before; the prices have come down a bit because the repair places have become more common, and the risk of theft is also reduced.

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Although the electric van insurance is expensive, it is still a better option to opt for electric vans as it is beneficial for your business. You can get a massive cut by getting rid of diesel.

 Is Electric Van Insurance Cheaper Than the Fuel Sourced Ones?
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Is Electric Van Insurance Cheaper Than the Fuel Sourced Ones?
Electric vans are ruling the market, but is it a beneficial option?. Let's see the electric van insurance and its charging cost.
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