Bike Insurance UK- Do I Have to Pay Extra if My Bike is Stolen?

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The motorcycle is easy prey for thieves. With the portability of bikes and easy cash by parting them out, undoubtedly, they are at higher risks than other vehicles. Moreover, the stolen bike recovery is comparatively low than a stolen car.

Apart from that, bike accidents are hazardous. Without getting the right coverage, you are taking a risk on your health, and you might lose a boatload of cash on your health in case of accidents. So, if you have not insured your bike and yourself, it is high time to get you and your bike covered with the best insurance for a stolen bike.

Let’s discuss types of bike insurance to get a better idea of coverages. 

Types of Stolen Bike Insurances

Third-party only:

If you are looking for the cheapest bike insurance, this is the one. With this policy, all the injuries caused to the other people are covered however, there will not be any coverage for you.

Third-party fire and theft insurance:

With this coverage, you will get the same cover as the third party only, however, with the added benefits of protection against fire and theft.

Comprehensive insurance:

If you want to cover the damage caused to you or others in the event of an accident, this coverage will cover you for all. Moreover, this coverage also provides you cover for fire and theft, but it will cost you more than the other two coverages.

Can You Claim A Stolen Bike On House Insurance?

The house insurance policy does not provide cover for the motorcycles parked in your house. However, if you want to get a unique cover for them, you need to pay an additional price for it. Other than motorcycles, the other vehicles are also excluded from homeowners’ policies.

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Electric Bike Insurance UK

Is there any insurance for electric bikes? Yes, the electric bikes can be insured as there is a threat to you and others with these bikes too. As electric bikes are quieter than the other bikes, it is legal to get them insured in the UK. The insurance coverages are the same as for the fuel-sourced bikes. So, for a stolen bike insurance claim, you need to opt for comprehensive insurance.

Final Thoughts

A stolen bike insurance claim is not an option if you have opted the coverage other than the comprehensive one. If your bike is cheap and not so eye-catchy, then you should go for the other two insurance coverages, i.e., third party only and third-party fire and theft insurance.

However, if you are looking for cheaper insurance coverage, you should go for a third party only, but you must be extra careful when riding it as there will be no coverage for you.

Stolen Bike Insurance Claim Is Possible With Comprehensive Coverage
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Stolen Bike Insurance Claim Is Possible With Comprehensive Coverage
Bike insurance comes in many types; in case of a stolen bike insurance claim, you should check if you have opted a comprehensive coverage or not.
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