What Is the Best Month to Sell A Car in the UK?

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If you have bought a new car, should you wait for some time before selling it? Is there a specific season to sell a car at the best price? Yes, these questions panicked me too when I wanted to get the best price for my car, but do not worry, I have collected some factors you should consider to sell a car at the best price.

As you know, the market price fluctuates following demand. The demand for different types of cars varies as per season. Sometimes used cars demands might be higher than the new while at other times, and the convertible might be in more demand than SUV.

Car selling comparison is not complex, all you need to know is the right month at which your car is in demand. Let us discuss it!


Certain types of cars are in demand in certain months, depending on factors of seasonality.

In the summer and spring, the price of convertibles increases as its demand gets high due to the pleasant weather, same for the classic and sports cars.

The summer months are not great for cars other than convertibles and sports cars. In these months, most people are too caught up in looking for their children and making holiday plans. So, fewer people mean low demand. You will get a tough time selling your car in the summer.

However, in autumn, the 4×4 SUVs and off-roaders get a surge in demand. If you have the power to wait, there is a chance that you get more money.

Do Not Sell A Car in March & September

New registration plates are issued in March and September, resulting in considerable spikes in buying activity in the UK. However, in these two months, the buying activity is mainly for new cars so, the clients will not give much attention to your car. The idea is to sell when in demand.

Sports Events

The World Cup, the Euros, and the Olympics are huge sports events capable of diverting interest from buying a car. Wait for the end of the event is suggested if you want to get a massive audience for your car.


Look out for negative news about the cars. If the government has imposed duty taxes on fuel prices and sells a gas-guzzling 4×4, it would be a miracle to sell it at a good price. Try to sell a car before the government announces the annual budget plan.


If you have recently bought a brand-new car, selling it after a month or two is not a good idea. The price of a new car decreases quickly. So, it is suggested that you drive it for over three years and keep it in good condition so that it pays off. Other than that, you should know about the recommended month for selling the car type you have.

Apart from that, if you are too busy, you can sell a car online. Just provide the specifications and eye-catching pictures of your car in online shops. You will soon get a client calling for details.

If you have more queries regarding car selling, please let us know in the comment section.

Sell A Car in The Best Time of The Year- Amazing Car Selling Tips
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Sell A Car in The Best Time of The Year- Amazing Car Selling Tips
If you are not in a hurry, you can sell a car at a reasonable price. Let us find out what factors can affect the cost of your car.
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