Are Cats More Expensive to Insure?

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Pet insurance for cats is relatively expensive than other pets such as rabbits. However, cat insurance is cheaper than dog insurance. The most common reason for insuring your pet is veterinary bills so, and it is a nice idea to ensure your cat in such conditions.

With the best pet insurance for cats in the UK, you can recover the bills of veterinary.

If you are confused about whether to insure your cat or not, try considering the likelihood of getting a claim and compare it with the premium you will pay.

Let’s further discuss cat insurance coverage to help you get a suitable and affordable insurance quote for your cat.

Types of Cat Insurance

The cost of cat insurance also depends upon the type of cover you choose. Following are four types of cover for your pet:

Accident only

It is one of the cheap pet insurances for cats that provides vet fees if your cat is injured in an accident.


This policy provides covers for a specific short period, usually a year. It provides cover for accidents and short time illnesses.

Maximum benefit (per condition)

In this policy, a specific amount of money is allocated for any type of illness or injury.


This policy is one of the most expensive types of cat insurance, which provides a cover for your cat’s whole life. It provides cover for any type of accident, illness, or injury.

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Keeping it to Cat Insurance Price, Let’s Move Onto the Factors Affecting the Cost of Insurance

Age of your cat:

Pet insurance for older cats is relatively expensive than the younger ones. Some companies will not even provide an insurance quote for your cat if it is over the age of eight or nine, or some will ask you to pay some percentage of your claim on top of any extra costs.


Your location makes a great impact on the cost of insurance as the vet fees are different in different parts of the country. If you live outside of London and the South East, the cost of cat insurance will be less. Cities and urban areas will have a high cost of insurance as compared to rural areas as the vet fees are higher.

Cat’s breed:

Some breed of cats tends to get diseases fast as compare to others; therefore, the breed of your cost also impacts the cost of insurance. For example, the purebred cats get ill easier because they have a less diverse gene pool.

The insurance company you choose:

Different companies will price their policies differently. Top-end companies will offer comprehensive cover, with higher vet fees and extras, thus, it is expensive. Whereas other pet insurance companies may not offer such comprehensive cover, therefore, will be cheaper.


Cat insurance is relatively expensive than the other pets except for dogs, but there are ways to cut down the price. The above information will help you with it. If there are any related questions, let us know in the comment section. We will be glad to hear from you.

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Are Cats More Expensive to Insure? Compare Pet Insurance Now
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Are Cats More Expensive to Insure? Compare Pet Insurance Now
Cat insurance cost varies with age, location, breed & the insurance company you pick. Learn more about the types of cat insurance and related factors here.
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