10 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Your Van Insurance

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Is your premium for van insurance going out of roofs? Looking out for the best and cheap policies to minimize the cost? Calm down. You aren’t the only one here alone. New research shows that van owners pay insurance twice as much as car insurance. An increase in the premium tax imposed by the government has impacted a bit on the premiums for insuring the van in the UK.

The average premium for van insurance in Britain was around £1700 in 2018. However, with a little bit of planning, you could control the increases and lower the premium. Here’s how you can reduce your insurance cost.

Skip Auto-Renewal Insurance Quotes

Auto-renewing insurance is a great comfort as you are free out of reminders. You don’t need to keep a tab on the renewal dates. Such stresses free one. But you may be paying out more for your next policy unknowingly. Insurers might charge you more when choosing auto-renewal. Better avoid that. Get new van insurance quotes from Compare Market Insurance at the time of renewal.

Advertise Your Business On The Van

Theft of vehicles is becoming common and van is not an exception. Make your business advertised on your van as such vehicles would be avoided by thieves. Repainting them and other such works would cost them and they would be leaving such vans. Moreover, if there’s less possibility for stolen, it’s a benefit for the insurers.

Accurately Record Your Van’s Mileage

Try to be accurate when it comes to mentioning your travel miles to your insurer when you’re buying the policy. If your van is going to run more miles, then the insurers might think more chances of claim will be possible. So the premium will be increased. Be accurate with the mileage if you’re not using your van much and you might see a decrease in the premium.

Construct Your No-Claims Bonus

A no-claims bonus can fetch you lowered premiums. Try to carry out your NCB consistently and it can help you surely with the price you pay for van insurance. Also, see if you can use your NCB carried out in your car insurance on your van.

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Go For Annual Payments

Paying insurance in monthly payments offers you convenience, but you will be paying extra than yearly payments. Insurers prefer yearly payments as they can get the whole amount in a single payment. You may get discounts and lower premiums if you go for annual payments.

Upgrade Your Van’s Security

Insurers will look at the risks that your van might have and the cost of insuring your van is calculated by the risk factors that are entitled to your van. Making your van more secure is an assured way to reduce your premium as your van is less prone to theft or any other risks. Moreover, you get the benefit of securing your vehicle and at the same time paying less for the van insurance.

Be Careful With The Additional Drivers

Adding additional drivers to your van might be inevitable. But the driver you choose matters when buying insurance. More the drivers more will be the premium. And the worth of the additional drivers means a lot. If they got too much penalty points or a history of irresponsible driving, your insurance cost will be increased for sure.

Try To Pick A Smaller Van

Smaller size vans attract lesser premium always. If you have a larger van and you don’t practically require such one, better you can shift to a lower sized van. Because insuring large vans generally cost up to more in the UK.

Get Your Van Insurance Quote Earlier

Once the period of insurance coverage is going to end, don’t wait till the end. Start searching for a policy, before 10 or 20 days. Premiums might be hiked when you buy insurance policies at the end or after the expiry date. Be sure you find the insurance policy in advance.

Compare & Buy Van Insurance

Whenever your policy ends, don’t go blindly for the same insurer while renewing. Comparing more insurance policies, in general, will definitely save you more. At Compare Market Insurance, you will be able to compare top van insurance providers all over the UK. Save more with cheap insurance quotes from Compare Market Insurance. Get yours here.

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